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My Stories, Books, & PROJECTS

This is what I love to do...Create and develop exciting content to turn into movies, TV shows, animated series, toys, video games, books, and merchandise for a variety of genres & demographics! 

Below you will find a young adult action adventure, a children's magical Winter occasion, an children's eco-friendly fantasy, a supernatural psychological drama, and a horror dark-comedy which are just a few of my creations.

Hope you Enjoy!

Click the images below to check out the inside pages of each book. 

NEW- Little Man & the Frying Pan_A guide
Ping_Wen COVER_04.jpg
Lilybump & Stump_1 small.jpg

In the middle of the Persian desert, a little man unknowingly releases an imprisoned genie lord and becomes his Blood Bound as they are catapulted on a spectacular journey to fulfill an ancient legend and free the World of Djinn from the evil that now rules it.

The Last Ping Wen is a children's book about the four siblings who are the last caretakers of a wondrous island, and how they usher in the magical Winter season!

A 3rd generation park ranger and her magical best friend as they journey throughout the edges of the Great Gnome Forest while documenting and preserving the wondrous eco-system it offers.

Questioning his existence after the horrific death of his wife and three kids, a renowned psychologist is drawn into a world of supernatural mystery as he becomes the curator of a ghost town and the therapist to its inhabitants.

( Mature Content: Language/Gore )

A migrant worker with MacGyver like skills arrives at a picturesque small town and quickly begins fighting to stay alive after he discovers the town has been overrun by the local children who have become bone marrow ravishing mutant zombies...Chombies!

NicoTEAM poster 2 small.jpg

( Mature Content: Language/violence )

Two warring factions of aliens crash land on Earth and take on the form of objects nearby, which turns the one group(N.I.C.O.TEAM) into 3-6ft walking and breathing smoke shop products who work as elite mercenaries for a secret government agency, while the other aliens(Defecons) crash into an abandoned waste factory near Chernobyl and continue their sinister plan to planetary domination!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me

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