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Jonathon L Gilbreath




      Jonathon has worked in the fields of entertainment, design, education, and government for over 22 years. His strong foundation in visual design and production has aided his clientèle across many countries.


      Blending his love for space and science with entertainment, he welcomed the opportunity to produce and direct 360 immersive/VR/AR media content. He has brought new creative visuals to international theaters and planetariums by pushing the limits of technical artistry and visual effects.

      Working with the U.S. Department of Defense Psychological Operations, Jonathon developed and taught specialized curriculum while producing, directing, and managing international PSYOP/P.O.B.S. productions.


      He teaches professionals and students from around the world on subjects including art, conceptual design, visual storytelling, production, and creative observation.

You can find Jonathon in his studio or out exploring the world and all it has to offer.

"Art is a foundation of life, and our dreams are the ultimate canvas."

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